About School of Social, Financial & Human Sciences

The School of Social, Financial and Human Sciences (formerly, School of Commerce & Economics) was established formally on 17th of July 2019 under the Institution of Eminence, Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT), Deemed to be University, which has ranked 1st in ARIIA and has bagged various positions in the national and international rankings. The school is the fast-growing young yet glorious department under the brand of KIIT Deemed to be University. 

The School of Social, Financial, and Human Sciences (KSFH) is inspired by the thought, “Choice and not Chance determines destiny.” It promises to offer Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral level programs in the field of Commerce, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Public Policy, and other allied fields of relevance. It continuously strives to be a unique brand of Institution of learning in the field of Social, Financial, & Human Sciences in national & international arena. Given its multi-disciplinary composition, KSFH is uniquely positioned to offer many, and varied courses designed to increase students’ understanding, awareness, skill, and employability capability in today’s dynamic society. KSFH aims to grow and develop mutually beneficial connections among students, faculty, and community partners to reimagine the future economy and society.

KSFH aims to promote excellence in teaching and research by nurturing a culture of enquiry based learning, and grooming students to be morally and socially responsible professionals who are sensitive to the larger societal and economical good. The school revolves around imparting value-based quality education of international standard and imbibing skill for solving real life problems along with inculcating global perspective in attitude and creating leadership qualities and futuristic vision. The school fosters the spirit of entrepreneurship, realization of social responsibilities and instilling the habit of continual in-depth learning and supporting creative abilities and research temperament.

The school is committed to develop and prepare its students with professional skills and life skills to achieve comprehensive life goals. The expert panel of faculty members motivates and moulds the students, in acquiring their achievements. As further enhancing element of a student career the school has a provision of internships features and field visit for both the UG & PG students as a part of their curriculum so that the students can be exposed to the practical methods of knowledge. The school displays one of the finest interpenetrations of traditional teaching accompanied by modern technologies like Wi-Fi enabled classroom projectors. Be it an emphasis on collaborative teaching and learning, research and extension activities, interaction with experts, professional skills or relevant curriculum, every aspect of Programme at our school is adequately addressed.

School of Social, Financial & Human Sciences Profile

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The distinct way of education system gives a prominence concern not only on academics but also to the all-inclusive development of individuals. Where the reach on learning exposure is highly appraised by distinct ways, like industrial visits and also through co-curricular activities to portray the potential and to exhibit the talent of each student.


To be an institute par excellence, inculcating and imparting knowledge in Social Sciences by incorporating the ethos of leadership, entrepreneurship, research, innovation and humanity. 


  • To grow as a world-class institution for the creation, preservation, advancement, and dissemination of knowledge.
  • To encourage collaborative learning, multidisciplinary research, innovation and community engagement.
  • To promote nation-building through research resulting in creative solutions to local, state, national, and global problems.
  • To promote the intellectual, professional, social, and personal development and wellbeing of students to become future managers and leaders.
  • To nurture students to be global leaders who can transform the world sustainably.
  • To instill in young brains human values, morality, and compassion.

Our Founder

Dr. Achyuta Samanta

KIIT–A Group of Professional Institutes & KIIT
KISS – A Home for 27,000 Tribal Children (KG to PG)

Landline : +91 674-2740326
E-mail : achyuta@kiit.ac.in
Website : achyutasamanta.com


Prof. Jayanta Kumar Parida

Director, School of Social, Financial & Human Sciences

Prof. Keshab Das

Dean, School of Social, Financial & Human Sciences

Dr. Biplab Kumar Biswal

Director ,Online and Distance Learning (ODL)